Create a Game HTML5 Canvas Simple Game with JavaScript

Explore how you can create an HTML5 Canvas based game from scratch using JavaScript Step by Step game creation


  • Basic JavaScript knowledge
  • Understanding of coding
  • Editor and ability to write code
  • Prior Coding Experience


Do you want to learn how to make Games online ????

Start here – perfect to see how a game can be created from scratch using HTML5 and JavaScript

No libraries no shortcuts – straight pure JavaScript to draw on canvas and add game controls and interactions.

This is a one of kind build that you will only get here – custom code from start to finish –

Step by step learning on how to create all the game functionality you need to complete a full functional game.

Quick tutorial in just over 1 hour will give you a fast paced no filler content course that you can learn from.

Professional instruction – taught by a developer with over 20 years experience – having developed over 100 web games.

Instructor is ready to help you learn and answer any questions you may have.

Explore how you can create a quick simple game using JavaScript and HTML5 canvas element

Learn coding with FUN interactive game development – See what you can build with JavaScript!!!

Course covers all the core functions needed in a game

  • Basics of drawing on HTML5 canvas
  • Clearing and drawing shapes
  • Adding key event listeners
  • Making objects MOVE with keypresses
  • Tracking key presses to make game interaction.
  • Collision detection
  • Adding buttons that are interactive on the canvas
  • Adding game scoring and game controls
  • Creating enemies and building unlimited enemies within an array
  • Movement and animation of objects

Source code is included so you can build your own version of the game as you go through the lessons

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to create a fun simple game online
  • Anyone who wants to practice creating games with JavaScript
  • Anyone who is starting out with game development
  • HTML5 game developers
  • JavaScript developers
  • Web Coders and web designers

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