Data Warehousing for beginners.

Learn to implement a Data Warehouse Solution from scratch


  • You should have basic knowledge of using a computer
  • You should have an understanding of database concepts
  • You should have basic working knowledge of SQL


This course is a beginners course that will show you how to implement enterprise data warehouse solution using Microsoft SQL Server ,Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services SSIS and Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools -SSDT.

You will learn how to implement ETL ( Extract,Transform, Load)  process using SQL Server Integration services .

This course will show you how to design fact and dimension tables which are the two main types of table used in data warehouse . You will learn the star and starflake techniques used to design dimension tables.

What You will learn includes:

••Deploy and Configure SSIS packages.
••Download and installing SQL Server 2014
••Download and attaching Adventureworks2014 database
••Download and installing SSDT
••Download and installing Visual studio
••Describe data warehouse concepts and architecture considerations.
••Select an appropriate hardware platform for a data warehouse.
••Design and implement a data warehouse.
••Implement Data Flow in an SSIS Package.
••Implement Control Flow in an SSIS Package.
••Debug and Troubleshoot SSIS packages.
••Implement an ETL solution that supports incremental data extraction.
••Implement an ETL solution that supports incremental data loading.
••Implement data cleansing by using Microsoft Data Quality Services.
••Implement Master Data Services to enforce data integrity.
••Extend SSIS with custom scripts and components.
••Databases vs. Data warehouses
••Choose between star and snowflake design schemas
••Explore source data
••Implement data flow
••Debug an SSIS package
••Extract and load modified data
••Enforce data quality
••Consume data in a data warehouse

By the end of this course you would have acquired enough skills to implement a data warehouse solution.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Database Administrator
  • Beginner Data warehouse administrator
  • Beginner Data Analyst
  • Beginner Data Scientist
  • Network Administrators

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