Data Wrangling and Data Visualization in R – Short eGuide

Data Wrangling and Data Visualization

About this Course

Start off with this eGuide completely focusing on some of the most sought out concepts of data science i.e. data wrangling and data visualization. You will learn both the concepts using the R programming language that is considered important for data science.

Coming back to this eGuide, it unfolds with the entire process of cleaning & unifying messy or complex data sets for efficient analysis. Furthermore, you will work with the data having various attributes of athletes for its analysis. Overall, it gives you a complete insight into the different ways to clean data and then to use it for the analysis via different types of plots.

This eGuide Includes:

  • Intro to data wrangling
  • Cleaning and unifying messy and complex data sets
  • Using the necessary libraries like tidyverse & ggthemes
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Sorting all the missing values
  • Data analysis & visualization

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