Drawing Graffiti



In this course you will learn 3 different styles of graffiti lettering.  With different letter backgrounds, different fills inside there pieces, 3d , graffiti bits and do-dads shapes you can use to have as your graffiti fill. With this course we want to make sure that you learn techniques on  how to draw real authentic graffiti for your self.  We also talk about the history of graffiti , how the graffiti culture has changed over the years.  Some famous names too look up. Over the past few years I’ve learn how drawing and painting graffiti has really help me personally with my mental health and that by using graffiti as an outlet. If I am a person who has been create to create and if  I am not doing that I find I am not the best version of me. A way to take my mind off of everything and create something that look cool and I can be proud of. For me I did not get into graffiti to make money. I got in to doing graffiti because I love the culture, the art and everything that comes with graffiti. it is a thankful bonus after panting for years and learning how to get better at my craft I have been able to make money off of selling my art and doing commissions.wish you all the best with this course.

Who this course is for:

  • people who are in to art in any way
  • Anyone who has ever seen graffiti and thought it would be cool to try

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