Get Your First Draft Written Right!

Content Writing

Learn how to make the big changes and the tiny tweaks that will make YOUR novel stand out

This course is for every writer who wants to write but finds that days go by and still they are no closer to their dream of writing a novel. This course requires only three things:

  1. The love of writing
  2. The love of exploring your own mind
  3. The love of a job well done

If you have these three (and I’m pretty sure you do), then this course will help you reach your goal of having a finished novel in your hands, ready to ship or email to an agent, or publish on your own!

This is a fast and fun course that will guide you gently through the creative process covering such areas as:

  • How to conquer procrastination
  • “Top secret” software that will keep you writing
  • Techniques to meet your word count that “they” don’t want you to know about
  • POV – why it’s important to pick one in your first draft

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