Apache Cassandra in 2 hours

Apache Cassandra


This Apache Cassandra training course  teaches you working with Cassandra. This course is intended for complete beginners in Cassandra. In this course, we will

  • what is Cassandra
  • how to install Cassandra
  • understand Cassandra data model with some hands on exercise which will teach you how to create a keyspace, create a table,insert and read the data .
  • different data types in Cassandra with exercise.
  • After this you will learn about the partition key and clustering key and understand how data is distributed across the nodes in a cluster.T
  • I will covers the Cassandra Architecture in details in which we will cover replication, consistency, gossip protocol, write path, read path, Cassandra storage and compaction.
  • Understanding anti patterns and data modeling goals.
  • Understand Cassandra configuration files
  • Working with nodetools to manage cluster
  • Integrate with Cassandra java driver to write and run Cassandra from java program.
  • Integrate Spark with Cassandra to perform analytics .
  • Cassandra on AWS

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