HTML5 & CSS3 COURSE: Ultimate and Super Guide(Step by Step)

The easiest and best way to learn modern web design,HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch step by step with lots of examples


  • 1. Have a computer, tablet or a smartphone and of course an internet connection
  • 2. Have a great deal in mastering HTML5 and CSS3 Languages
  • 3. Those interested in web-development especially front-end web developers


1. Learn new HTML5 Elements

2. Learn about HTML5 Tag Syntax including Meta Tags

3. Learn about HTML5 Media Elements

4. Learn about HTML5 Block and Inline Elements

5. Learn about HTML5 Tables, Lists and how to style them with CSS3

6. Learn about CSS3 Animations, Media Queries, Positioning, Selectors, Colors and Background Image

7. Learn about HTML5 and CSS3 Semantic Tags

8. Learn about HTML5 Forms and its various elements

Why Choose this course?

This is the best course in HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals. It touches on key topic with simple and precise examples that are easy to understand .It has lots of examples and will prepare one to have basic and accurate knowledge on how HTML5 and CSS3 works. With this course, one will have a complete knowledge on how to make a front-end website with just HTML5 and CSS3.

Who this course is for:

  • 1. Front-end web developers especially those specializing in HTML5 and CSS3
  • 2. Anyone who wants to learn computer programming language regardless their previous experience

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