Image Classifier with Django and React

Build your own AI image classification web application!


  • basic knowledge of Python is a must
  • basic Django knowledge is recommended


H there! Welcome to this course where we will build an AI project (Image Classifier) with the use of React, Django Rest Framework and one of the Keras pretrained models. If you have your own Convolutional Neural Network model created in Keras*, you will also learn how to integrate it with Django.

For the next hours we will create our project, step by step implementing new functionalities and understanding the foundations of how our frontend and backend works. At the end you will have a modern application that will classify images for you and will store the classification history.

Are you ready to get started and created a cool, modern project that will look great in your portfolio??

*Please notice that this is not a course on how to create Deep Learning Neural Network. We will used a ready model from Keras applications. If you have your own model, you will understand how you can integrate it with Django.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python/Django developers
  • Beginner React developers

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