Java language enhancements

Learn Java from an Oracle Certified Java Programmer


  • Basic knowledge of Java is required.


New language enhancements like try-with-resources and multiple catch-clause are discussed in great detail in this course. Quizzes, mock exam questions and their solutions round off the course, so be prepared and ready to get your hands dirty and be intellectually challenged (this practical part is currently work in process… they are being added step by step)!

The course is originally designed as an exam study guide for the 1z0-817 Oracle Certified Java SE 11 upgrade exam.

But one can learn the topics separately, without intending to take the exam.

The topics are discussed in great detail sometimes, so be prepared to get some serious information and a feel like for what exam preparation looks like for certified programmers!

PS: Videos were originally intended for my Youtube account, so some of them may have some short “Welcome to the new video” at the beginning or some “Subcribe to my channel” sort of thing at the end… just ignore these parts…. and most importantly: Have fun!

Who this course is for:

  • Java developers who want to learn some of the language changes from Java 7 on…

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