Learn HTML in a Weekend

Learn Web Development in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the three pillars of web dev


  • No programming experience needed – I’ll teach you everything you need to know
  • A Mac or PC computer with access to the internet
  • Entire course uses free software, nothing additional to buy
  • I guide you on how to set up your development environment
  • I teach you how to use your development tools effectively


HTML is the foundation technology of web development, and it is easy to learn. This course guides you in learning HTML quickly and effectively, using practical exercises ensuring you learn quickly and retain what you learn.

Full-code answers and helpful support are available along the way ensuring your success.

Master Strong Foundation Web Developer Skills

The key to success as a web developer is deep learning and becoming productive through fluency. In this course you will quickly master these key topics:

  • HTML – what it is and how it is used in web development
  • HTML tags and attributes
  • Essential HTML troubleshooting skills (saves you hours of frustration)
  • CSS and JavaScript, the other two key web development skills
  • Display text, images, data and more in HTML pages
  • Build HTML forms to gather user data
  • Web page layout using Flex and Grid layout systems, for effective HTML websites
  • Visual Studio Code tutorial, for effective development with HTML
  • Debugging tools tutorial, to troubleshoot HTML
  • HTML, tags, attributes, elements
  • Structure of HTML pages
  • DOM (Document Object Model) representing HTML documents
  • Web servers and the backend, that support your HTML pages
  • How HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work together
  • Heading, paragraph, image, list, link tags and more HTML features
  • Semantic HTML tags for accessibility
  • HTML tables and forms to display and gather data

Course Content Overview

This HTML course is suitable for beginning web developers with little or no experience in HTML, and also for experienced web developers who want to deepen their understanding of HTML.

The early course sections present HTML basics, with an emphasis on practice using HTML, to build a strong foundation from the start.

Later course sections dive deeper into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, providing a more broad understanding of web development, and how these technologies work together.

Along the way, HTML troubleshooting strategies are presented, saving you hours of frustration when things don’t work and you need to figure out why, to move forward.

Who will benefit from this course:

  • Persons who want to start a career in web development
  • Persons desiring to level-up their web development skills
  • Persons who want to add a new skill making them more attractive job candidates
  • Persons who want to build a website for their business, school, or club

Who this course is for:

  • Persons new to HTML and web development
  • Persons desiring to become web developers
  • Persons wanting to level-up their web development skills
  • Persons curious about what is involved in creating a web site

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