Make Your Writing Stand Out in Eight Easy Steps


Master brilliant writing and beat your competition with a research-based system designed by a professional writing coach

What This Course Does 

              Want to learn the fundamentals of clean writing style, but short on time? This course will give you the basics without investing much time. 

                  Want to make money writing, beat your competition, and stand out from the crowd?  Learn to make your writing sizzle and pop. By taking this course and applying the lectures, you will get the results you want by standing out from the competition, because–let’s face it–good writing is essential for success in every area of life: 

  • sell that manuscript
  • get that job or promotion
  • win the writing competition
  • attract customers
  • increase conversions
  • make a sell
  • get the A
  • win over the lover or opponent
  • persuade anyone in a logical argument
  • build credibility in the profession
  • create personal satisfaction
  • make more money

                  Whether you are writing copy, building a website, making a resume or cover letter, writing a blog or proposal, selling work to magazines and publishers, self-publishing, composing a love letter, settling a dispute, writing a school paper, or earning your stripes, clean writing skills will get you there much faster. 

                  If you apply this fundamental and professionally engineered writing system, your writing will get the attention you deserve. 

                  Benefit from 18 lectures and 1 1/2 hours of interactive instruction, examples, and exercises immediately. 

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for newbies and intermediate writers looking for ways to make their writing style stronger, people who want to take control of their writing and their lives, and experienced writers who are looking to sharpen their writing style. The class will best suit those looking for a beginning class on writing style with low risk in order to see if the more in-depth course is for them.
  • This course is not for someone looking for in-depth knowledge of writing style. Become a Professional Writer: Build Prose From the Ground Up is the in-depth version of this course. This course is also not for those looking for advanced instruction in writing style and process.

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