Mastering the Present Tense in English



  • Basic grasp of English.
  • Understanding of the different tenses in English.
  • Something to take notes with.


By mastering the present tense you can better share your thoughts in English and communicate your ideas.

In this course I help you to master the present tense by talking about the different ways sentences are structured, spelling rules you have to consider, common mistakes other learners make (and how you can avoid them). As well as how other tenses such as the present continuous work and how to form negative sentences with “do” and “does”.

Join the class if you want to improve your communication skills, master English and then discover the world.

Who this course is for:

  • People with English as a second language.
  • People who are studying for their IELTS.
  • Those that want to speak like a native English speaker.
  • Those that want to improve their communication skills.

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