MF Mock Test

Part 1

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1.A Systematic Withdrawal Plan, allows investors to get back the principal amounts invested in addition to the income on investment. /
2.If fresh litigation cases or adjudication proceedings are referred by SEBI against the fund sponsors or a company associated with the sponsors, then the offer document needs to be revised. /
3.A change in key personnel especially the fund manager of an AMC does not necessitate a revision of the offer document. /
4.A Growth stock refers to shares of a company whose earnings are projected to grow at the normal market rates. /
5.The offer document need not be revised if the management or the controlling interest in the AMC change. /
6.The fund need not describe its accounting policies in the offer document as these are of no use to an investor. /
7.Information on estimated expenses to be incurred by a scheme is not found in the offer document, but in brochures of the fund. /
8.The circumstances for refund of investment in the initial offer and period within which refund must be carried out are not specified in the offer document, but only on the application. /
9.Information about trusteeship fees is included in the offer document but not in the key information memorandum. /
10.The circumstances under which a scheme shall be wound up are to be described in the offer document at the time of the initial launch of the scheme itself. /

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