NextJS up and running

Quickest NextJS + TypeScript setup for static websites and blogs


  • NodeJS
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript familiarity
  • Having an idea about ReactJS


The first course with NextJS v10 on Udemy with the new Image Component (the one good thing 2020 had to offer so far)

Welcome! This course is the best resource for you to hit the ground running with NextJS.

“But, how? And why you?”

Glad you asked! Because I‘ve been working with NextJS since version 2. I have built many websites and applications with it, I have used many other Static Site Generators, and I‘m a big advocate of the Jamstack. In this course, I bring everything I know and experienced boiled down to the best setup possible.

I will walk you through the best setup possible for you to use modern web best practices directly enforced to your setup. You will develop a setup which owes nothing to any other big company setup in terms of performance and tooling.

  • React + CSS Modules
    we will build an app that takes out the most of the Component-Based Architecture. With this, we can achieve a scalable, maintainable, and easy-to-read architecture for our User Interface. It will be easy to add more functionality in the future and replace/optimize existing features.
  • TypeScript
    when properly set, strong-typing brings to the table a huge advantage when using external resources (such as libraries and frameworks). It makes the code more discoverable since text editors (like VSCode) can provide with insights when we‘re writing the code, and safeguard us from runtime errors. It makes the code self-documented and allow us, in the future, to touch many moving parts without fear causing unexpected side-effects.
  • NextJS
    for the best developer experience, we get everything a high-quality production web application should have, most already baked-in and ready to be used, just a few configuration strokes away.
  • NodeJS
    like an iceberg, there is a big chunk of a NextJS app which runs on the server. For that, we need NodeJS

On top of all that (and most importantly): This course won’t lock you up in its set architecture. The modules and stacks are not dependent on each other, this means you can break free at any time with ease, switch tools for whichever you decide works best for your case, either now or in the future.

To summarize: 

  • All fundamentals are covered following modern web development practices.
  • No hard rails to follow. You’re free to be creative from this course.
  • Minimal number of dependencies to a smooth learning curve.

I can‘t wait to hear from you once you get started!!

Let‘s go!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Developers wanting to get started with NextJS
  • Developers interest in Jamstack

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