Russian School: Creative Training


What you’ll learn

  • How to train your attention to process and to analyze different types of data


  • paper and pen
  • be free and open for creative tasks


In artistic education you usually touch one specific area: drawing, dancing, filming, acting etc. This course is training your creative muscle from different sides as a general cognitive aptitude on practice.

In the cycle of 7 simple workshops you will touch every essential component that are in charge of creative process (section ‘Theory: creative muscle‘). Every workshop designed of task, practice and a result.

The course is built on knowledges left by Russian art geniuses and aimed to train your attention to understand and to process different types of data which is good for both analyzing and composing information in a different way.

Visit ‘Why to study’ section for more detailed answer whether you reallly need this course.

Who this course is for:

  • software developers, artists, entrepreneurs and creators; marketologists; activists; teachers and parents
  • For people who consider creativity is a useful skill and would like to make it better.
  • For those who’re looking for a new skill but not sure where to start / what to choose (or sure).
  • For those who was searching Internet for something… new and interesting and fun and useful.

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