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Social Media

Get to know everything about social media marketing strategy to attract your target audience!


Digital Marketing is the term used for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies & channels – to reach the viewers, turn them into customers, provide value and retain them.

A social media marketing strategy is a business’s overall approach to using social media channels to reach its target audience & desired customers. Having an effective social media marketing strategy is one of the critical marketing initiatives for all.

There are many different social media marketing tactics. Which ones will actually work for you? What type of social media marketing strategy should you pursue and why?

In this course, we are going to focus on the most effective types of social media marketing tactics for your career & business. The social media strategies & techniques revolve around audience engagement & retention. The most effective social media marketing strategies focus on: social media algorithms, social media approach, laws of social media interaction, best practices, common & popular social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter) & other social media platforms.

We will be covering it all through this course.

Course Modules:

  • The Digital Economy
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

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