SQL Mastery & Data Analysis

Monkeying to SQL Mastery with Workout & Bootcamp. ! A Teaser to my Upcoming Course.


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There ‘may be’ a Million Jobs in Data Science.

There ARE MULTI MILLION number Jobs needing Strong SQL Skills !! For every Python resource needed, there are 10-20 SQL resources need.

SQL is one of THE BASIC needs of any IT professional (Software, Analyst, Engineering, Data Management , Reporting or anything !).

Anyone and Everyone – whether you are a Startup Enthusiast/Entrepeneur, Developer, Analyst, Call Center employee, Manager, Leader or just about ANYONE looking to tap the power of Software to scale up your business, career or launch your own startup, you MUST have strong SQL Skills.

MySQL is an opensource and ABSOLUTELY FREE Database system that pretty much is used by a MAJORITY of Startup companies (along with PhP).

This course is a Teaser for my upcoming course on SQL Mastery & Data Analysis, planned to publish  by end of November.

This teaser will give a sneak preview of my main course. I have worked on Data Management multi-year projects for Credi Card (Providian, Amex etc.), Banking (Credit Suisse,  Wells, BoFA etc.) and many other corporations and have crunched upto billions of rows in processing (for a SINGLE transaction table !). I am on a mission to prepare an  Easy to Understand and Wholesome course  on SQL Mastery that anyone (from the Smartest to the Dumbest in the room) can conquer easily. I want everyone to just Monkey their way to SQL Mastery without feeling confused or intimidated by it.

In this Course, I First attempt to explain Database and SQL concepts from a Layman’s perspective or a Managerial view – without specific Tool or Language semantics. After the concepts, I move on to MySQL specific workings in the main course.

Any FEEDBACK or SUGGESTIONS received, will be considered in the main course.

Who this course is for:

  • My Goal is to Teach even that ‘Monkey on the Tree’ how to write complex queries !!
  • Anyone from a Highschool student to a CIO can take this course !
  • Students, Data Analysts, Excel and MS Access users, Developers, Managers, Business Persons
  • The Smartest in the Room, the Dumbest in the Room.
  • Just know basic math – What is Addition, What is Subtraction, Multiplication. Trigonometry, if you please.

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