The Front End with 7 Quick Projects

A Fast and Fun Course with AngularJs


  • A good amount of HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT practice
  • Basic familiarity with any Code Editor (sublime, atom, notepad++, etc.)


This course has 7 fun projects and is a great way to get started with AngularJS. I skip all the beginner stuff and move at a good pace in all the videos. So this course is really meant for more intermediate Web Developers who are already familiar with the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript and would like to enhance their skills and learn some AngularJs.

Each example has really fancy awesome videos neatly put together showing every step of the way. The videos are made fun and fast so that you can watch them again and again.

Like all my courses please feel free to code along with me on all the projects. That’s the best way to learn coding. And I would like to suggest for each video (when copying the code yourself) to slow down the speed to 0.5x (which is half as fast) and to turn off the sound. I think that will be a perfect way to follow along.

Enjoy this Fast and Fun Course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Front End Web Development
  • Anyone Looking for More Javascript Examples
  • Developers New to AngularJs

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