Watercolor Botanical Series: Paint Tulips Step by Step

Paint Tulips Step by Step


Want to master botanical watercoloring? Wish to learn to paint beautiful and realistic flowers but struggle with controlling the paint? Want to achieve realistic 3-dimensional look?

I am happy to introduce to you a special….

Botanical Series:

here I will break down a learning process for you into simple steps. First you will learn how to paint a single flower with all watercolor techniques explained. And then you can enroll in a little bit more advanced course where you will paint the same flower but using more advanced techniques.

This way first you learn the basic of painting a particular flower step by step. And when you know how to paint a single flower we move to a more complicated topic, like a bouquet with a background and special watercolor techniques. Your skills will grow exponentially!

How does it look like in real life?

  • In this course we discover how to paint simple tulips in watercolor. Color mixing, washes, basic wet on wet technique and layering, working on volumes and textures, no background.
  • After this course you can enroll in a Level 2 course where you will paint more complicated tulips in watercolor. We will paint a beautiful bouquet of tulips using more advanced techniques, professional cotton paper, create background around the flowers and so much more!

This course is designed for Beginners.

If you don’t feel like drawing your own tulip sketch, feel free to download my outline, print it and trace on your watercolor sheet.

The reference photo and outline of these tulips are attached. Download and use them 🙂

Have fun!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in watercolor
  • Botanical art lovers and enthusiasts

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